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Antoine Courtois is proud to relaunch its professional trumpets with the new Confluence range.

These trumpets are the result of an exceptional meeting of talents: that of Clément Saunier, trumpet player, Adrien Jaminet, craftsman-designer, and the Antoine Courtois Research and Development teams.

Together, under the demanding supervision of Clément Saunier and the team’s historical know-how, they have developedinstruments characterised by the elegance of sound representative of the French School.

The Confluence trumpets are designed to satisfy musicians looking for a richer sound, with uncompromising acousticprojection, while combining ease of play with flawless pitch.

They adapt to all repertoires and meet the desires of both professional and amateur musicians.

The confluence of French design and the excellence of our German workshops has given birth to 4 trumpets within the new Confluence range: 2 in Bb and 2 in C

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb, C 3 monel valves with top sprung
  • Bore : medium Ø 11,40mm or modium-large Ø 11,65mm
  • Bell : 1 piece, handmade Ø 123 mm
  • Leadpipe : standard or reversed
  • Main tuning slide : Bb german brass, C rose brass
  • Finishes : lacquer or silverplated
  • Case : backpack for 2 trumpets, navy blue leather and canvas of cotton. Two interior compartments with flap in floam. One interior pocket. Made in France
  • Bb
  • AC335BM-1-0 : medium bore, standard leapipe, lacquered
  • AC335BML-2-0 : medium-large bore, standard leapipe, silverplated
  • C
  • AC335CM-1-0 : medium bore, reversed leapipe, lacquered
  • AC335CML-2-0 : medium-large bore standard leapipe, silverplated
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