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Professional 156

The Antoine Courtois Professional Series 156R flugelhorn offers players a full, dark sound with rich colors through its authentic French design and influences.

With its small bore, large bell, and 4 valve design, the model 156R flugelhorn has the perfect depth and capacity in the lower register, which is very helpful as both a soloist and ensemble player.

Antoine Courtois employs incredible quality and experience of brass instrument making with over 200 years of history in manufacturing.

Technical specifications

  • Key : Bb
  • Bore : .413" / 10,50 mm
  • Bell : Hand-hammered gold brass bell 6.69" / 170 mm
  • Valves : (4) Top sprung hand-lapped Monel pistons
  • Waterkeys : 2 lever-style, forged
  • Features : 4 valves (extended low range), vertical valve slides, direct air column through valve block, 1st valve trigger
  • Finish : Clear lacquer or silver plated
  • Outfit : Deluxe hard wood case, mouthpiece, micro-fiber cloth, valve oil
  • Models :
  • AC156R-1-0 : Clear lacquer finish
  • AC156R-2-0 : Silver plated finish
  • AC156NR-1-0 : XL bell diameter 7.68" / 195 mm, clear lacquer finish
  • AC156NR-2-0 : XL bell diameter 7.68" / 195 mm, bright silverplate finish


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