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Creation Paris


Antoine Courtois is proud to present its new line of trombones, CREATION PARIS, the culmination of a close collaboration between our French school trombonists and our R&D team located in Germany.

An innovative valve

Introducing our latest invention, the ICON Valve, extremely light with revolutionary dimensions: greater in diameter than traditional valves and not as thick.

This new technology allows the ports inside the valves to be made perfectly round without ovalising them as is often the case in other systems.

These innovations lend an optimal resonance with perfect ease and consistency of resistance between open notes and notes using valves.

A sound both pure and precise

These new models have a rich, elegant sound with forceful yet easy projection. Full of personality, these trombones lend flexibility of interpretation to solo performances, chamber music and symphonic arrangements alike.


  • Key : Bb/F
  • Bore : .547" / 13,89 mm
  • Bell : 8.46" / 215 mm
  • Slide : Ergonomic slide
  • Features : ICON™ valve, open wrap
  • Finish : Lacquered
  • Options : Red brass bell, Sterling silver bell, Ultra light slide
  • Models :
  • AC422BO
  • AC422MBO : ultra light slide
  • AC422BOR : gold brass bell
  • AC422MBOR : gold brass bell, ultra light slide
  • AC422BOST : sterling silver bell
  • AC422MBOST : sterling silver bell, ultra light slide
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