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Antoine Courtois‘ father creates the first family-run worship for manufacturing instruments during the french revolution in Paris rue Mazarine. Located in what is know how as the Latin quarter of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. A natural horn exhibited in Berlin and a cavalery trumpet in the museum of Paris conservatory bear witness by their engravings to this early period.

The trumpet was once the property of the parliamentary officer sent by Napoleon Bonaparte to the siege of St John d’Acre in 1799.


Antoine Courtois (1770-1855) moves his workshops to 21 rue du Caire. Included among his instruments of this era , semi circular trumpets sounding similar to the horn, slide trombones, flugelhorns with keys, horns and few ophicleides were found.


On the 21st of February 1851, Denis A. Courtois‘ son and successor of Antoine Courtois in 1844, patents his invention at the Seine Department Prefecture for improvements in the manufacturing of brass instruments and in particular for making valves.


Denis A. Courtois moves the manufacturing plant to 88 rue du Marais, where he works on improving instruments in partnership with renowned artists such as Jean-Baptiste Arban, a collaboration that would bring us the Arban valve.


The Antoine Courtois business wins the gold medal at the Universal exhibition in Paris for the quality of their instruments „of an excellent workmanship and impeccable accuracy“


Denis A. Courtois having no descendant is succeeded after his death by workshop foreman Auguste Mille, who on 29th July 1880, founds the Antoine Courtois and Mille society with 20000 francs capital. He runs the company for the next 15 years, having at that time nearly 25 employees. This is a period that would reap many awards from various international exhibitions.


After 1895, Emile Delvaux and Amedee Legay succeed Auguste Mille, and give instruments away to the most deserving musicians at the Paris Conservatory and continue collecting rewards at universal exhibitions.


Antoine Courtois‘ brand becomes the exclusive supplier of the Ministry of Beaux Arts for the conservatory of Paris and other departments the Opéra, the Opéra comique, classical concerts and la Garde Républicaine.


The music publisher Emmanuel Gaudet and Emile Deslaurier acquired Antoine Courtois‘ manufacturing plant located at 88 rue du Marais, they lend a new perspective and bring 100000 francs to the capital of the company in 31st August 1927, and relocated the company 8 rue de Nancy.


Paul Gaudet, succeeded to his father at the direction of the company and opens a manufacturing plant in Amboise Indre et Loire.


Jacques Gaudet starts to work with his father and continues the development and research on instruments with great artists.

He then leads the company since 1980.


After several years as part of the german group JA Musik, Antoine Courtois‘ brand is back to french history with the acquisition by Buffet Crampon Group and then concentrated on its historic expertise.


Buffet Crampon group acquires B&S GmbH, the german company founded 250 years ago and which is leading german brass instrument brands manufactured in Markneukirchen. Then Antoine Courtois’workshops moves their to join the manufacturing of the top quality brass brands.

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